Favorable climate, sub Mediterranean vegetation, protection from strong winds, high level of salt saturation in the air, long and shallow sandy beaches and vast amounts of sunshine all year around are just some of the reasons why doctors began to recommend Crikvenica to their patients for the rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory system disease. Crikvenica has evolved into a popular tourist destination and a climatic treatment center, dating back to the end of the 19th century.
In the year 1910, a rehabilitation center was established in villa «Zeleni Gaj», which was rented out for the rehabilitation of children arriving from the Czech Republic by Marija Steyskalova, also a Czech. Many children from the Czech Republic came here over the years for rehabilitation and treatment, and to take vacations up until 1948, not including the war years.
In 1948, the «Primorka» rehabilitation center for convalescent children was established in this same villa. Professor Pansini, a doctor from the pediatrics clinic in Zagreb, established the «Primorka» thalassotherapy institute in 1960.
Also in 1960, a thalassotherapy institute for the treatment of ear, throat and nose diseases was set up in one of the wings of the «Therapia» hotel. This institute was established by professor Šercera, M.D. and academic professor Padovan, M.D. from the ORL department of the «Dr. Mladen Stojanović» hospital, today's «Sestre Milosrdnice» clinical hospital located in Zagreb.
These two institutes were unified into a single hospital for respiratory system treatment and rehabilitation in 1967. The hospital is still found in its original location today. In 1979, the hospital attained the status of an intercommunal hospital and was named the Specialized Hospital for the Rehabilitation and Treatment of Respiratory Systems and Rheumatism. In 1995 this name was changed into the name that the institution uses today – the Specialized Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation.
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